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The Virtues of Fermented Foods

 I’ve extolled the virtues of fermented foods on many occasion due to their beneficial enzymes that help our digestive systems function better. There are various foods that are readily available in fermented form and all cultures have them since in days gone by, it was an important process because there was no refrigeration and fermented foods keep longer. Many vegetables like in the German version, sauerkraut and the Korean version Kim Chee are fermentable. There are types of dill pickles that are fermented. Not all though so read your labels. Milk is fermentable into yogurt and kefir. Soy is fermented into Miso and Tempeh. BUT something you might not be aware of is that you can ferment nuts and seeds. Check out Cashew Cheese below!

Fermented Foods

Kim Chi


A staple of the Korean diet, this fiery-hot and acidic kim chi is served with everything from rice to roasted meats.  

Fermented Cashew Cheese


So the idea is that it’s sort of like a cream cheese but no dairy and it has the added benefit of being fermented. I love it spread on my raw dehydrated (no grain or gluten) flat bread with avocado, red onion and tomato:) Yummy!!! 

Fermented Dill Cukes


 Do not confuse pickling with fermenting. Most pickles you buy are done with white vinegar (a petroleum product). Some however, are fermented but read the label carefully. By the way, if you are pickling with vinegar, there is now white vinegar on the market that is NOT a petroleum product.




Kefir & Kefir Cheese


 Kefir and yogurt are similar but kefir is runnier and is a drink. So it can be used as is or put in smoothies etc. You may think that kefir and yogurt are similar but they actually have many differences. They are both cultured milk products but they contain different strains of micro-organisms. Read more...

Water Kefir